140W/m - 230V - width 100cm - Eco Infrared Heating Film under Tiles

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New generation Eco Infrared Heating Mats

Installation of heating foil under floor panels is the simplest method of electric floor heating. The heating foil is laid directly under the floor panels on the Heat Decor insulation mat. The heat from the heating foil is emitted on a large plane directly into the room. The heating system can be installed at any stage of the investment or renovation of the apartment. The room temperature and floor temperature are controlled by an electronic room thermostat. Underfloor heating with heating foil under panels can be used as a basic room heating and as an additional comfort for a warm floor.

The Heat Decor heating film – 140 W/m with 100 cm width and 0.338 mm thickness is powered by 230 V electricity. It is distinguished by its electricity usage of 140 W/m2. It’s used to do floor heating and wall heating installations. It can be cut every 12,5 cm, only in the apposite places. The maximal temperature of the heating film is 40°C.

The Heat Decor heating film is powered by 230V electricity, which works based on the electrical resistance by emitting far infrared rays and far anionic rays. The heating system can be compared to the working of the sun rays which, just like the heating film, heat people and objects within its power range.

To every 1meter of heating film we give you 2,5m of Vapor Foil 0,2mm for free

for example:

When You buy 10m of heating film we will give You 25m Vapor foil 0.2mm with no charge!

Price is per 1meter -  1m = 26,40e

We provide:


*CUT to the lengths service if You require

We prepare varius lenghts with no extra charge.Just add Your sizes in comment or leave message to Us after order : info@lucasled.ie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Eco Infrared electrical Heating mats 140W, 230V,under tiles for bathroom and kitchen


- 100 CM WIDTH
- POWER 140W / mb, 140W / m2
- MAX TEMP. ~ 40 * C


Power (watts) 








 of heating film 


 Max.Lenght Installation 

    of one heating film


 Max,Power Installation 

   of one heating film



of heating film





HD310G     140 Watts  100cm   230V        ~40               13 meters         1820 Watts     0,338mm 12,5cm

1- COPPER TAPE - acts as an electric conductor. We connect electrical wires supplying the heating foil to connectors using copper connectors.

2 - SILVER TAPE - fulfills the function of electrical connection of a copper strip with graphite paste.

3 - PET FOILS - these are components that connect all elements of a heating foil in a lamination process into one whole. PET films perform the protective function of the heating device against mechanical damage, penetration of water vapor and gases.

4 - GRAPHITE PASTE - is the basic heating material for the film. Occurs as a mixture of fine-grained particles whose main components are graphite and carbon. The proportion of graphite paste mixture is regulated by the heat power of Heat Decor foil.

5 - FILM CUTTING PLACE - is the area of the heating foil in which we can cut the heating foil to the desired size. This area is replicated every 12.5 cm.

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