LED strips for kitchen? 

8 top places for LED Strip in the kitchen

Each of us spends a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing meals, drinking morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. Each of us is also looking for the optimal source of light during work or relaxation in the evening.
LED strips will allow us to optimize lighting where we need it. First of all, the most-used backlighting places are:

1. LED Strip under the kitchen cabinet.

The most popular places where we really need light to work on preparing meals. In this case, we definitely need a strong LED strip min. 1000 lumens per meter and the proposed is 2000 lm / m. LED profiles will be an additional advantage, aesthetic and friendly to our LED strip where we will ensure its optimal conditions for trouble-free continuous operation. Corner LED Profiles are very often used because they allow us to highlight the worktop correctly.

2. LED Strip above a kitchen cabinet.

Here, we usually highlight this place because of the decorative aspect. It is good to install LED strips with the same light color as under the cabinets. I strongly recommend the standard LED strip with a power up to 500 lm max. because the area to be highlighted is relatively very small, it really is only one foot.

3. LED Strip Glass Cabinet.

This is a place where we hold different types of glasses, wine glasses and more. Also, the area does not require strong lighting, 500 lm / m is sufficient.

4. Kitchen shelves with LED Strip.

Sometimes we install free-hanging kitchen shelves. It is worth thinking about whether we want to install lighting here and whether we need it. Sometimes it is very much when we do not have full cabinets above the worktop. Then this lighting will be required.

5. Undercounter lighting.

Yes, under counter lighting is typical of our clients' wishes. This is decorative lighting, but also practical when looking for something under the counter. In this case, I suggest a light source of 1000 lm / m due to its height.

6. Kick Panel.

This section of lighting has always been controversial. Some people think this is a crazy idea, some want to have a nicely and gently lit floor with LED strips. You can also install mini motion sensors, which will turn on the light when we visit the kitchen in the evening, and we only want the soft light automatically on during our presence.

7. Kitchen Island LED Lighting.

Currently, a very popular direction of lighting the island are pendant lights, but also hanging LED Profiles. Some LED Profiles are just designed to be installed on a special steel cord for a modern lighting style.

8. Ceiling spotlighting or recessed LED profiles?

Yes, recessed LED Profile is a new trend in modern interior design. At the moment, the latest LED profiles using the strongest LED strips fully replace the spotlight lighting. Imagine that 1 meter of tape from the spotless series replaces us with up to 6 light points eg. GU10 fittings. The strongest LED strip we have in our offer has 2700 lm / m. in various white colors such as Warm White 3K, Natural White 4K, and Cold White 6K. Recessed LED Profile can be found in this link, where there are also models for plastering called Plaster-in.


For our clients, we offer full support in the selection of all lighting as well as components for automatic control of individual LED lighting sections. Write to us, we will help you design lighting for your kitchen.


Lucas Buntkowski - Lucas LED Lighting Specialist-Ireland

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