How should I choose a right  LED driver for my LED strip ???

Very often we get questions about choosing the right power supply for LED strips also called LED Driver or transformer for LED tape or flexible strip light.
Of course, first of all, choose and decide on the position of the LED Driver whether it will be outside or inside. Of course, you can choose the Indoor or Outdoor versions with IP68. Do not forget also when you already choose the LED strip with the voltage at which it works, it is 12V and 24V.
Contrary to appearances, the rule is very simple.
1. When we have selected the type and model of LED strip, we just need to find out what current consumption the LED strip per meter consumes.
Usually, professional LED strips have a power consumption of 4 - 24 watts per meter.
2. Then calculate the total power consumption according to this formula:
LED Strip Watts / meter * all lengths / m = Total Power Consumption
Let's say: Your LED Strip takes 7.2 watts per meter, the length of all LED strips is 12 meters. So the total consumption will be: 84 watts
3. The last step is to add a safe 10% free space so that our LED Driver does not work at maximum efficiency. In this way, we will provide him with a smooth, safe and trouble-free operation for a long period.
So when we add up to 84 watts 10% free we get 95 watts. So, in this case, we need a 100 watt LED power supply.
 The formula for calculating and selecting the LED driver is:
(Strip / Watts * all Lengths) + 10% free space = a valid LED Driver
That's all.


What does free space for LED Driver mean?

Free space in the LED transformer? , exactly. This is a principle that professional installers maintain whenever installing LED strips. After calculating the total power consumption of the LED strips, add 10%. This guarantees us a smooth, trouble-free operation without voltage drops and definitely longer service life. It's the same if we loaded a van with max. load 3 tons, & we Loaded 3 tons and told me to ride every day for 12 hours in every single day! .... probably something will break in the end.

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