Light over your kitchen island — 5 ideas on how to illuminate the space

Open plan living has been gaining in popularity for some time. Many people opt for this kind of spatial solution, which frequently results in the kitchen being one of the most multi-functional rooms in the house, where the kitchen island stands out as the heart that pumps the blood of all domestic activity. Sounds like a bit of a stretch? Not necessarily. The kitchen island is perfect not only for food preparation; it can also be used as a space where you can relax with a cup of coffee, treat your friends with a fancy culinary achievement of yours, or do some office work.

That's why your kitchen island lighting needs to be well thought-out as it is supposed to serve multiple purposes, from providing proper illumination, to creating an atmosphere conducive to your favourite kitchen activities. If you are in need of some creative ideas for kitchen island lights, stay with us and get some inspiration.

1. Do the task right with your island lighting

Whether you want to use your kitchen island solely for food preparation or for doing some other work as well, you could definitely use bright task lighting in order to make sure you have sufficient illumination to perform your tasks safely and comfortably. With this in mind, you may consider hanging lights that are designed to direct the light downwards and have long cables bringing the light source closer to you. Another type of task lighting that provides more intense illumination and focuses on a specific area is recessed lighting with halogen or LED bulbs which, for the sake of your eyesight, should not produce much glare.

kitchecan provide necessary illumination for your kitchen tasks

2. Let your light over island shine subtly

Let's assume you want your kitchen space to be a place where some entertainment or relaxation are supposed to take place. Imagine you are sitting with your friends at your dining table, sipping wine and enjoying the moment. Or, picture yourself and your family gathered at the breakfast bar with the aim of celebrating your time together. Subtle ambient lighting is what can contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere and making your dining area an ideal place for socializing and resting. What kinds of light fittings can give soft, ambient light? A wide variety of decorative pendant lights or chandeliers that give unobtrusive and gentle-to-the-eye light will definitely work well over your kitchen island. If you look for more flexibility, you might consider installing a fixture equipped with a dimmer switch as it will give you the possibility of adjusting brightness to your current needs.

Some pendant lights shine very subtly so you can use them whenever bright light is not needed

Tip: When talking about adding ambience to your kitchen, combining your ambient lights with accent lighting (for example, on the underside of your kitchen island) will be a nice finishing touch to the contemporary design of your kitchen.

3. Enhance your kitchen style with hanging lights

How about creating a focal point in your kitchen? Pendant lighting and chandeliers are perfect options if you aim to make a statement — installing this type of kitchen island or breakfast bar lighting may result in catching the attention of every person entering your kitchen. The thing you need to take into account before deciding on your light fittings is the size of your kitchen island. You need to locate the centre point of the island to make sure the number and size of your pendants or chandeliers will be well-adjusted to the size of the target area. You may opt for an arrangement of three pendants in a row, or you may prefer a layout of two larger ones. The general rule is that your lights should be neither overwhelming nor insufficient for a given space.

What is more, you can sift through a wide range of options to suit the fixture to the style of your kitchen.

Industrial feel

If you want to feel the spirit of industrialism in your own kitchen, you may be interested in a pendant light with copper, chrome or steel finish that will all blend in perfectly with your contemporary kitchen design. The unique combination of roughness and delicacy of such industrial-style pendants will turn your kitchen into a room that oozes a truly exceptional charm.

Classy glass

Whether your kitchen is in a modern style or reflects the concepts of more eclectic design, pendants with glass shades can embellish the elegance of your interior in a breathtaking way. A clear glass shade may seem a bit inconspicuous and thus match a minimalist look of the room, whereas showy designs will be an ideal complement of a kitchen furnished in a more decorative style.

Fancy fixtures

A bit of extravagance over your kitchen island? Ornate chandeliers for a glamorous effect? You can choose the light fitting in whatever shape or colour you want, from fixtures with sophisticated antique brass details, to bravely fanciful installation of lights in futuristic shapes. The impressive availability of diverse pendants and chandeliers makes it possible for you to elevate the style of your kitchen to a higher level and make the kitchen island lighting an unquestioned eye-catcher.

4. Have nothing in your sight

Not everyone likes it when a light fixture obscures the view and becomes a focal point of the kitchen. If you prefer the space above your kitchen island or breakfast bar to be free of any hanging elements, choose discreet recessed lighting that is built directly onto the ceiling. Such lights can be a good solution in case of low ceilings, as they help to leave the limited space above your island uncluttered while still offering effective illumination.

Recessed lighting is one of the options for a modern kitchen

5. Mix and combine

Most contemporary kitchens incorporate a variety of lights so that they can be used for multiple purposes and enable people to easily switch between ambient and task lighting. Recessed lighting are frequently combined with hanging lights, which helps achieve more spectacular illumination: recessed lights highlight specific features of the kitchen design whereas pendants provide more focused light that shines directly on the surface of your kitchen island.

Get the most out of your kitchen lighting

As you can see, there are many ways of illuminating kitchen islands. It all depends on various factors, such as the style of your kitchen, the role a ceiling light is supposed to play, how spacious the room is and what your personal preferences are. With proper lighting you can add ambience, ensure effective illumination for various tasks and activities, bring out the most unique features of the design, or make up for poor natural light, to name just a few examples. The final word? Choose the idea that appeals to you and explore the full potential of illumination in your kitchen!