Outdoor lighting is something that can amazingly change the aura and create a cosy atmosphere for little money. If you need a big change, you can add new outdoor lights to your yard. Also, you can simply upgrade your current lights. We have prepared a few suggestions of exterior lighting trends. Which outdoor light will you choose?

LED garden lights - the right outdoor lamps

LEDs are simply essential when you would like to illuminate your driveway or garden. Traditional lighting is something that almost nobody uses anymore. LED garden lights provide us with a range of benefits! Illuminating the spaces outside and surrounding your living areas is important for visual orientation, balancing out the indoor ambience and for safety reasons. Thanks to the best LED lights, you can beautify your garden - it will look fashionable!

Nowadays, people look for ways to make their lives easier. That's why they want modern solutions. It is especially valuable in 2022 that there is a possibility of phone control of outdoor lights. Modern LEDs should be controlled by smartphones easily. Manually configuring and adjusting the transformer outside is so yesterday. People want to be able to manage their lights remotely. This is something needed the most in 2022!

Wall lights

LED wall lighting is always a good idea! Modern outdoor LED wall facade gives a possibility of choosing a colour. You can also choose the intensity of backyard light. Use this type of lighting to illuminate your garden, terraces or facades of buildings. Its additional advantage is that you are able to control your LED lights via tablet or phone! Consider choosing one of the models: VADRA, GARTO, LART, DARSA, GORI, ELNER, ZEW or REKA.

Waterproof LED strip lights

LED strip lights will never be out of style. If you're looking for the best strip lights for outdoor use, choose waterproof ones with high IP rating - IP66. There are also IP68 strips in our offer. They can be submerged in water below one metre. They will work perfectly around your pool. With them, you can illuminate almost everything in your backyard. Warm white, natural white or cool white? Or maybe RGB (red green blue) LED? The choice is yours! They are all trendy so choose the best solution for your needs!

Garden globe ball lights

It will decor your terrance, balcony, garden, pathway or driveway. It will pleasantly surprise your guests due its shape - it imitates shiny stones and blends in with the rockery perfectly. You are free to choose any power and any colour of the ball light you want to. In 2022, you can focus on intense violet, yellow (especially butter yellow), chocolate shades, navy blue and a midtone, pure, dusty rose purple with a peony undertone. They are on time!

LED string lights

These decorative pendant lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They will work primarily in your garden at summer time. Spring lighting is becoming more and more popular, that's why it will be a hit of spring and summer 2022 for sure! Use festoon lights in order to create a pleasant ambiance. Spending time in a garden with this type of lighting is a pure delight.

You can use them in a few ways. First of all, you can hang lights over your deck or patio. Secondly, you may add lights to a gazebo. Actually, you can add them to any covered area. Thirdly, you can put them on trees - they will create a romantic look. Fourthly, you can also place them inside shrubs. It will create a stunning result!

Solar lights

Solar lighting is used to provide outdoor lighting, especially during the evenings and nights. It can, in fact, be used in streetlights, however, it's possible to use it also for smaller areas - it will be suitable for a porch or garden. You can set up your solar lights everywhere in your garden - this is their big advantage! They will provide atmospheric accents.

Spike lights

Ground spike spotlight - a waterproof lamp in natural white colour - that's what you need in 2022! Just mount it on the ground and enjoy the light. The FLORI series includes a surface mounting version too. You can use dimmable lights or RGB lights.


There are many suggestions which outdoor lights to use in 2022 and how to use them. You can consider buying LED wall lights, LED strip lights, globe ball lights, LED string lights, solar lights and spike lights. They are on trend now! They are all modern and waterproof, which means that they can be used outside seamlessly. Choose the best solution for yourself!