Where To Use Waterproof LED Lights?

Where To Use Waterproof LED Lights?

What are waterproof LED lights and what does "LED" actually mean? L.E.D. - this is short for "light emitting diode". It is simply a semiconductor, which transforms electricity into light. What are waterproof LED lights then? LED strip light, which is also known as LED tape or smart lighting, is a circuit board with surface-mounted LEDs that can be attached in many different places.

What is more, those lights are covered with a material, which is resistant to water. In other words, LED lights can withstand harsh weather conditions. Snow? Rain? Summer heat? Nothing can break those lights down. They are so durable and resistant to shock and extreme temperatures!

What is so special about waterproof LED lights?

People are willing to use LED lights because they make dark spaces brighter. Another thing is that we want to overcome the energy crises, and LED lighting is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly solution. LED light uses almost 85 percent less electricity than halogen or incandescent lights!

What is more, when you compare the prices of lighting products, you will immediately notice that LEDs are usually much more affordable than other options. It can be concluded that it is possible to save money by requiring less wattage and, at the same time, offering higher lumens.

Where to search for the best LED strips?

In the 21st century, there is a great choice of complex products that are resistant to weather conditions.

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You will be pleased that LucasLED offers a hundred percent guarantee to you as a customer. You have the ability to choose any colour and any power (IP65, IP67 and many more), which will satisfy you. You don't even have to visit the stationary shop - you can shop online with a supply service.

Places in which you can use this kind of LED lights

You can use waterproof LED lights in almost every corner of your own house. To be more precise, there is a possibility of using them not only in a single room, but also in the whole house or apartment. Of course that's not all! This technology can be found in offices and different places of your business too. It may be some gadgets, Christmas decorations or home electronic devices.

Small and medium-sized places

When it comes to small and medium-sized places - waterproof LED strip lights (with an average of 500-550 Im per one meter) are easy to apply. Examples? Ceiling edge, shelves and decorative uplighting. Another option is using this waterproof lights on niches, furniture units, or stairs.

You could also try to make use of this lighting on steps, kick panels and on cabinets. Don't forget about LED aquarium lights! The fish tank is definitely a place where you can use LEDs and it will look absolutely amazing. As you can see, there are many possibilities!

Medium and large-sized places

Reffering to the LED brightness with an average of more than 1500 Im per meter - the best option is to put it in medium and large-sized places. It is recommended mostly for wall washer lights, decorative lighting and kitchen cabinet lighting.

Have you ever tried using it in places such as shelves, horizontal uplight or furniture units? You can also consider things like ceiling edge lights, stairs, steps and cabinets. There are many features and options - there is something for everyone!

Outdoor lighting

LED light is a good option not only for indoors. When it comes to outdoor lighting - it is possible to use it in many public settings. For example, it would look amazing in parks. All street lights could also be LED. It would be very functional in parking lots, which need to be well illuminated in order to present a welcoming atmosphere (for customers and tenants). Places outside would look brighter without costing too much!

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In conclusion

LED strip lights keep our lives running smoothly. They have many advantages and this is not surprising at all, that we want to place them around us. They can be found almost everywhere, indoor and outdoor (parks, parking lots, streets), in houses and in offices, in small, medium and large-sized places. There is no end to the ideas and propositions!