Why Should You Light Bathrooms With LED?

Why Should You Light Bathrooms With LED?

Choosing the right light for your bathroom can be a really demanding task. There are numerous requirements that bathroom lights have to meet in order to increase the degree of your comfort and satisfaction. They are supposed to ensure your safety, allow you to carry out your morning and evening routines (including various beauty treatments that call for great precision, like putting on make-up or shaving), create a pleasant ambience for your relaxing bath, accent specific areas in a stylish way... You name it. One thing seems to be clear though: if you expect your bathroom lighting to be beyond compare, go for LED lighting.

LED lights can help create a relaxing ambiance in your bathroom

Benefits of bathroom LED lights

Even though the popularity of LED lighting these days seems to be unquestionable, you may still be wondering why it is said to be superior to other lighting sources and whether it is going to be a good choice for your bathroom. Well, it definitely is a good choice. Just keep reading and find out why.

Last longer, save more

LED bulbs are efficient, long-lasting and display a considerable degree of durability, which makes them not that easy to break. Also, the fact that the use of energy is lower not only contributes to reducing your electricity bills, but also causes less harm to the environment.

Good light is a smart light

Another advantage is related to a wide range of convenient features that usually come with LED lighting. You can, for example, easily change the light intensity to achieve greater visual comfort, switch between colours for amazing effects or adjust the colour temperature to your current mood; warm white one day, cool white on another — truly, a lot has been done to cater to your needs when it comes to creating a proper atmosphere. Moreover, you can easily control your LED lighting remotely via a smartphone app.

Pay less

One of the many benefits that are frequently mentioned when talking about LED lights is affordable prices. The popularity of LED products has made them less costly, so if you are planning to illuminate your bathroom, you can start browsing through the multiplicity of options without much worry about your finances.

Suit your style

Irrespective of the style in which your bathroom is furnished — whether you opt for a sleek and modern look or favor more traditional design — there is a wide range of LED products that will undoubtedly live up to your expectations in this matter.

Decorative bathroom ceiling lights

Functional diversity

There are many types of bathroom lighting, starting from ceiling lights to wall lights and mirror lights.

Bathroom ceiling lights provide general lighting in your bathroom and they come in a great variety of designs. You can choose from a wide range of stylish ceiling lights, practical LED downlights, interesting multiple-bulb spotlights or impressively bright recessed spotlights.

In order to ensure proper lighting in your bathroom, wall lights and illuminated mirrors are worth considering as well. Not only do they provide much better illumination in areas where it is necessary, but they can also add a bit of atmosphere to the room, considerably improving your bathroom experience.

Modern-looking backlit LED mirror

Bathroom safety matters

We have already mentioned the fact that there are a number of requirements that bathroom lighting is supposed to fulfill; ensuring the user's safety being one of the top priority ones. This means that you have to make sure that your lights will be perfectly capable of handling humidity and water splashes. In order to do this, you have to check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating of your LED light fixtures; the symbol will tell you how well they are protected from moisture and, consequently, whether they will be suitable for areas in which you intend to install them. Also, always remember to get a qualified electrician to take care of installation processes in your home.

Properly installed bathroom lighting makes you feel safe

Bathroom zones

For the sake of choosing the source of light that has the right IP rating and will therefore work correctly, you should know that each bathroom space is divided into zones, depending on the level of risk of the light getting wet:

  • Zone O — an area in a bathtub and/or shower; although no light fixtures are recommended there due to the highest possible exposure to water, if you decide on a light fitting, it needs to be low voltage and requires a minimum rating of IP67;
  • Zone 1 — the closest vertical proximity to a bathtub and/or shower, up to a height of 2.25 m from the floor; a minimum rating of IP44 is required, but IP65 is the recommended one in this area;
  • Zone 2 — an area outside a bathtub and/or shower, beyond 0.6 m horizontally and above 2.25 m from the floor; at least an IP44 rating is needed;
  • Zone 3 — the remaining areas of your bathroom where there is no contact between the lights and water; a rating of IP21 is sufficient.

A perfect bathroom light

A lot has been said about why it is a good idea to illuminate bathrooms with LEDs. Thanks to their functionality, affordability and visual attractiveness, they can easily satisfy your needs. So, why not choose your LED now and give it a go in your own bathroom?

Well-chosen lighting can turn your bathroom into a perfect space