CROTO LED 1,3W - IP65 - 30lm - Graphite - Decorative Outdoor LED Wall Facade Light

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Modern and Decorative Led Wall Garden Lights CROTO and ONSTAR New decorative outdoor fixtures, ONSTAR and CROTO, have been introduced today into our portfolio. These are surface-mounted fixtures, which are characterized by modern design and are also highly recommended as an energy-saving solution. The high quality product, combined with a lifespan of the diodes estimated at 20 000 h, ensures that these fixtures will function efficiently for many years without the need for maintenance. Customers can choose from fixtures in grey colour, in a round or square shape (CROTO) or rectangular (ONSTAR). The housing is made of ABS plastic. The fixture is equipped with a power supply and LED sources, covered with a transparent PC shade. Mounting the fixture is done by screwing the base to the mounting surface with wall plugs and screws. After the power supply is connected, the fixture is ready to use. Thanks to the specific shape of the front panel, it appears as though the fixture is flat against the wall. This can also reduce the risk of accidental damage. The fixture is ideal for decorative lighting, enabling lighting of building access routes, stairs or general orientation in the area around the building. The IP65 high degree of protectiveness enables the light fixtures to be mounted in areas directly exposed to weather conditions.

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230 V


1,3 W

IP Rating

IP 65


6500 K


30 lm (lumens)

IK Rating:


Working Hours:

25000 h

Source of light:


Suitable for:


Warranty Period:

2 Years



Technical parameters

220-240V supply Rated frequency 50/60Hz light source led SMD in set non-replaceable light source color uniformity durability 20000 hours Color temperature 6500K  (cold white) number of on/off cycles
 usage with dimmer not allowed for mounting on vertical surface immovable fixture connector: terminal blockminimal distance from illuminated object  0.2m Dust- proof and protection against water jets rate defining protection against mechanical impacts applicable outdoors or indoors permissible surrounding temperature from -20 to max 35 C degrees II protection class conformity with European standards

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