Dimmable GU10 LED bulb - 7,5W-S6 - viewing angle 60° - Natural White - Silver body

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LED Bulb Lamp with Dimmable Function in OUR offer!

PRODIM is a new generation of light sources, which harmoniously combines modern technology, attractive design, top performance and energy efficiency, whilst ensuring excellent light parameters.

PRODIM is a light source with adjustable luminous flux, which has been paired with the light dimmers currently available on the market. With this, our customers can enjoy savings offered by LED technology and control illuminance, and adjust it to their needs.

The innovative SMD diodes used in PRODIM light sources are placed closely together, which looks very similar to COB technology. As the diodes are characterised by a lengthy lifespan, of up to 25,000 hours, they will serve you for many years. The product's service life was also extended thanks to the use of aluminium casing, which effectively removes the heat generated by the diodes. 

Yet another advantage of PRODIM lamps is their viewing angle, of 120 or 60 degrees, which enables them to be used for spot-lighting or wide-angle lighting of a surface. Owing to their dedicated lens, the lighting effect of PRODIM lamps is similar to that of traditional halogens.


230 V


7.5 W


2700 K - Warm White


560 lm (lumens) - Warm White 

Working hours:

25000 h

Source of light:


Luminous flux distribution angle:



Silver Body

Warranty of Period:


Technical parameters

220-240V supply light source led SMD wattage 7,5W average annual energy cnsumption kWh/1000h GU10 base number of on/off cycles
 can be used with a dimmer conformity with European standards

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