E27 LED Bulb Light lamp- 14W - 1520lm - beam angle 200° - RAPID HI LED Light

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E27 LED Bulb Light 14W. Available in 3000K and 4000K. With high lumens 1520. Traditional Led bulb for pendant, wall and desk lamp. Ideal for home, hotel, bar, restaurant, shop, beauty salon... etc

A high luminous flux of sources of 1520lm, with power consumption of 14W, no flicker effect and its wide light emission angle are definitely the strengths of this product.
An additional advantage of these new LED lamps is their wide light beam angle of 200°, which greatly increases application possibilities for general lighting. Thanks to such parameters RAPID HI LED is a replacement for traditional 100watts bulbs, but the comparable energy consumption is nearly eight times less than that of traditional light bulbs.
A hybrid heat sink design has been applied in RAPID HI sources (a thermoplastics layer and an aluminium cartridge) which guarantees efficient heat dissipation from the active element, i.e. the LED diodes.
Thanks to their shape, RAPID HI sources are suitable for fittings adapted to sources with E27 caps.

LED bulb 14W, E27, 1520lm, 3000K Warm White and 4000K Natural White 



Colour: white
Compatible with a dimmer: no
Height [mm]: 120
Diameter [mm]: 60
Mercury content: no


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50
Lamp-power factor: 0.5
Rated power [W]: 14
Lampshade material: plastic
Light source: A60
Diode type: LED SMD
Total rated luminous flux [lm]: 1520
Colour temperature: Warm white, natural white
Colour temperature [K]: 3000K, 4000K
Colour uniformity [SDCM]: ≤6
Colour-rendering index Ra: ≥80
Cap: E27
Rated lamp-service life [h]: 15000
Number of on/off cycles: ≥20000
Rated beam angle [°]: 200
Rated light level [°]: 200
Light source EEI: A+
Lamp rated current [mA]: 110
Annual power consumption [kWh/1000h]: 14
Luminous efficiency of the lamp [lm/W]: 109
Ignition time [s]: ≤0,5
Lamp-heating time to 60% of the full luminous flux [s]: Negligible
Lamp-heating time to 95% [s]: <2
Lamp premature-failure indicator: <5% po 1000h
Lamp service life factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥90
Luminous flux retention factor at the end of ratedservice life [%]: ≥70
Luminous flux retention factor after the period of 6000h
[%]: ≥80
Declaration of equality in power rating [W]: 100
Light source shape: standard

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