LED Surface Spotlight – Ceiling mounted fitting - GU10 - IP20 - ELNIS - Black/Gold

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ELNIS LED Downlight / Spotlight ceiling lighting point fitting with ceramic holder suitable for:

Homes, Office spaces, Hotel rooms, Commercial buildings...etc

Our ELNIS luminaire also consists of two parts that create a unique whole, which pleases the eye only when it is complete. ELNIS is a combination of two separate elements: the corpus (the main part of the luminaire) and the housing (in the form of a distance ring) that creates a perfectly balanced whole.

ELNIS has six colour variants with a luminaire housing of 25 mm in height. ELNIS luminaire ranges are characterised by modern design and high quality workmanship. All elements are made of aluminium alloy with galvanic plating. ELNIS luminaires are equipped with an outlet for a light source GU10 – you can choose whether to adapt the luminaires to a 12 or 230V installation.

You can  use a GU10 bulb which is avaible in Our store: 1.2W, 3.5W, 6W, 7W and 7.5W Dimmable.

Pick up Your GU10 light bulb in Your favourite colour:

*Warm White - 3K

*Natural White - 4K

*Cold White - 6.5K

ELNIS  is a fixture which consists of two parts forming a whole. It is a combination of two separate elements: the body (the main part) and the casing (the spacer ring), forming a perfectly matched whole. ELNIS  is a fixture with a 25-mmhigh casing. The Kanlux ELNIS L is characterised by modern design and very-high quality of workmanship.


Colour: black/gold
Necessity of using self-shielding lamps: yes
Place of assembly: Recessed mount in the ceiling
Place of application: Indoors
Minimum distance from the illuminated object: 0,5m
Decorative ring without a ceramic frame: yes
Replaceable light source: yes
The product is not suitable to be covered with a heatinsulating material: yes
Light source included: no
Height [mm]: 44
Diameter [mm]: 98
Assembly hole [mm]: Ø70


Rated voltage [V]: 12 AC; 12 DC; 220-240 AC
Maximum power [W]: max 35
Class of protection against electric shock: II/III
Light source: GU10
Cap: GU10
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be exposed: 5÷25
The fixture is adapted to the light sources of the following energy classes: A++,A+,A,B,C,D,E
Enclosure material: aluminum alloy
Lighting-fixture angle regulation: none
IP class: 20

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