Gu10 LED bulb 9W - very high lumens 900lm - LED SMD - viewing angle 120° - MAXX LED Light source

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9W - GU10 LED Bulb Light LED SMD, with very high lumens 900lm. Available in 3 colours: warm white 3000K, natural white 4000K and cold white 6500K. Ideal for spotlighting, downlighting and track lighting at kitchen, hallway, bathroom, office, shop, pub, restaurant. Domestic and commercial use.

New Gu10 LED Maxx is the strongest from gu10 bulb

The TEDI MAXX is power enclosed in a small body. Efficient LED's and ceramic casing are just two of the advantages of this light source. The stabilised power supply minimises the flicker effect, which could cause eye fatigue. In addition, TEDI MAXX has a light output of 100lm per 1Watt, and the matte glass used ensures uniform light distribution.

LED SMD GU10 bulb light 9W - 900lm - 3000K - 4000K - 6500K - very high lumens


Colour: white
Lamp designed for decorative lighting: no
Compatible with a dimmer: no
Height [mm]: 55
Diameter [mm]: 50
Mercury content: no


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50/60
Lamp-power factor: 0.5
Rated power [W]: 9W
Material: ceramics
Lampshade material: plastic
Light source: PAR16
Diode type: LED SMD
Total rated luminous flux [lm]: 900
Colour temperature: Warm white, Natural White, Cold White
Colour temperature [K]: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
Colour uniformity [SDCM]: ≤6
Colour-rendering index Ra: ≥80
Cap: GU10
Rated lamp-service life [h]: 20000
Number of on/off cycles: ≥15000
Rated beam angle [°]: 120
Rated light level [°]: 120
Light source EEI: A+
Lamp rated current [mA]: 74
Annual power consumption [kWh/1000h]: 9
Luminous efficiency of the lamp [lm/W]: 100
Ignition time [s]: ≤0,5
Lamp-heating time to 60% of the full luminous flux [s]: Negligible
Lamp-heating time to 95% [s]: <2
Lamp premature-failure indicator: <5% po 1000h
Lamp service life factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥90
Luminous flux retention factor at the end of rated service life [%]: ≥70
Luminous flux retention factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥80
Declaration of equality in power rating [W]: 66
Rated useful luminous flux [lm]: 710
Rated peak light intensity [cd]: 350
Light source shape: spot

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