LED pendant lamps

We present you with a wide range of stylish pendant lights for home, office, hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, and more! Innovative LED solutions allow you to make your living areas, hallway, dining room, kitchen, and other interiors look stunning. Ceiling lamp doesn't have to be boring - see our wide range of modern LED pendant lights.

Pendant lamps for the kitchen & dining room

Try out our LED lighting over the kitchen islands and dining tables! There are so many to choose from to create modern, stylish interiors. They light dining tables perfectly and look outstanding. Try out our minimalist pendant lamps in a variety of colour variants.

How high should I hang a pendant lamp?

The pendant light should be hung about 80 cm above the table. This will prevent you from banging your head on her when you get up from the table. Height-adjustable hanging lighting is another great option you should check out!

Ceiling lights for home at affordable price

Decorative pendant ceiling light made from glass, ceramic, or aluminium will emphasize the character of your hallway or living room. A great-looking designer LED pendant light can also be the central focus of a room. Energy-saving technology will reduce your electricity bills. Thanks to modern LED lighting, you can freely choose from a wide range of colour temperatures and light intensity, to match them depending on the type of room.

Hanging ceiling lamps can be a bad idea if the ceilings are too low. In this case, we can offer you Recessed LED Spotlights or LED Ceiling Panels. Don't forget about free delivery on orders over €70 and add to basket your favourite lights!

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