LED Architectural Recessed Profile,LINEA-IN20 TRIMLESS, Plaster In ,Alu ,2 Meter Length

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LED Architectural Recessed Profile,LIINEA-IN20 TRIMLESS, Plaster In ,Alu- Silver ,2 Meter Length

Recessed LED aluminum profile LINEA-IN20 TRIMLESS is a decorative and lighting product made of anodized aluminum with increased scratch resistance, specially designed for plastering. The LED aluminum profile will be perfect as architectural lighting. Mounted in ceilings or alcoves, it will be a great decorative addition, giving the room a unique and innovative character, Can be used as an Mian Room Lighting with High Bright LED Strips.

This Model is designed for double LED Source up to 24mm , that mean we can installed 2 x line of LED Strips depending of destination.

Same like All Strips lights , we prepare varius lenghts with no extra charge.Just add Your sizes in comment or leave message to Us after order .[email protected]

LED Aluminium Recessed Profile,Plaster-In Trimless Linea-in20  

The depth of the profile is very important. This model has 17.6mm which gives us lovely linear lighting, but we must know that this dimension is larger than our plasterboard. So the only problem may be the structural beams. So undercut the missing 5mm in the beam, and then we can projects light lines in any project such as: square, rectangle, triangle, L Shape, as well as vertical and horizontal switching lines.
Another solution is to add additional beams, e.g. 2 x 1, to the existing ceiling. Then we can design our dream Project without any problem.
And of course, this model can also be installed between structural beams in free spaces.You only need multi tool or pads saw and right lrvrl or Laser level   for installation. 


Even 2 light sources

In the TRIMLESS LINEA-in20 profile you can install even 2 sources of LED strips. Professional tapes from 3oz cooper path can be selected from Us LED Strips - Ultra high bright section.
This profile, in combination with our ULTRA High Bright LED strips, replaces completely traditional spot lighting or even commercial lighting.
For example, using our strongest PRO version strips we can get with 3 line 7500 lumens per meter, equivalent to 15 spotslights !!!. Often used with two light sources Warm White & Cold White controlled by CCT controller.


For full light illumination, we suggest using milky diffuser and LED Strips with min. 120 led per meter.

Specification LED Profile TRIMLESS

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