Yellow LED Rope Lights SET - 125W - 1800 LED - IP44 Waterproof - 50m Roll - YELLOW colour + Connection Cable - outdoor and indoor

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Yellow colour Led Rope Lights 125W, 1800 LED, IP44, festive lights for outdoor and indoor perfect for decoration specially at Christmas time - for garden, gazebos, balconies, patios, terrances and any room.

LED Rope Lights 125W are 50-meter roll waterproof IP44 lights available in 6 different colours: Warm White, Cold White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Power supply device is includet for this proper functioning. The rope lights can be divided into segments and it is possible to reconnect it at the cut-off point into any arrangement owing to the elements of LED system. With colourfull LED ropes, it is possible to bring out the room’s character, they can also be used outdoors: in balconies, gazebos and gardens.

They can be cut every 1 meter. You can Mix colours on the 50 meter length.

lenght = 50m = 1800LED
s= 2m = 72LED/5W

SET INCLUDING: 50m Led rope lights + connection cable

You can also choose more element option...


Connector type - T             Connector type - 90L                        Connector+heat shrink tube 


Bracket (10pcs)                             End cap (3pcs)                                   Set connection cable

Led Rope Lights in YELLOW colour, 125W, 1800 LED, 50 meter lenght, with IP44- waterproof, flexible festive lights, neon, ribbon, tape.

lenght = 50m = 1800LED
s= 2m = 72LED/5W

2 core


Colour: yellow
Place of application: Indoors and outdoors
Minimum distance from the illuminated object: 0,1m
The product is not suitable to be covered with a heat-insulating
material: yes
Length [mm]: 50000
Diameter [mm]: 13mm


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 DC
Rated power [W]: 125W
Class of protection against electric shock: II
Diode type: LED DIP
Colour temperature: yellow
Rated lamp-service life [h]: 50000
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be exposed: -5÷25
The fixture set includes built-in LED's with the following energy classes: A++,A+,A
IP class: IP44

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