LED Tubes

LED Tubes were designed to replace traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. They are intended for indoor use, for example in offices, schools, shops, garages, corridors, halls, or workshops.

Long lifespan LED lighting tubes

Typical T8 bulbs have approximately 750-hour endurance. Our LED T8 products will last 30 000 hours or even more. That means, that you don't need to worry about replacing LED light tubes in the next 20 years! Thanks to high-performance SMDs, our products use less energy.

Wide range of tube lighting LED

In Lucas LED you can find an LED tube made from white glass. If you are looking for an alternative material, we can offer you a polycarbonate T8 LED tube.

Why LED lights tube is better than the fluorescent tube?

  • Our best quality LED tubes are environment friendly - they contain no mercury.

  • They are more efficient thanks to lower electricity consumption and longer lifespan.

  • T8 LED tubes don't have any flickering issues compare to fluorescent.

  • The higher luminous flux per one Watt, and a wider angle of light emission.

In Lucas LED we have LED tube lights in different colour temperatures (4000K cool white and 6500K cold white) and brightness (from 1080 to 4000 lumens).

If you are looking for high performance, best quality products at an affordable price - we have items that may interest you. Use less energy and be environmentally friendly with new generation LED lights available with fast delivery.

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