Outdoor / Indoor PIR Infrared Motion Sensor- 1200W - IP44 - surface-wall-ceiling-switch-light - horizontal angle 160°

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Outdoor & Indoor PIR Infrared Motion Sensor- 1200W - IP44 - movement detector - surface-wall-ceiling-switch-light - horizontal angle 160° -  ALER JQ White

ALER JQ is a motion detector whose maximum detection range comes to 12 metres. You can set adjustments of the lighting time and light intensity level at which the detector works.

*Made of plastic material and white colour. The maximum horizontal operation angle for movement sensor is 160° and maximum movement  detection range is 10m

*Possibe 8s to 8min range of fitting lighting time control

*Setting ambient illumnination level at which the equipment operates

PIR Infrared Motion Sensor- 1200W - IP44 - Outdoor- Indoor -surface-wall-ceiling-switch-light - horizontal angle 160° 


Colour: white
Place of assembly: wall mounted
Place of application: Indoors and outdoors
Micro-interval between relay contacts: yes
Possibility of installation on a normally flammable
surface: yes
Width [mm]: 97
Height [mm]: 75


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50/60
Class of protection against electric shock: II
Material: plastic
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be exposed: -20÷40
Sensor type: PIR
Connection type: Bolt terminal block
Range of sections of wires used [mm²]: 1÷2,5
Sensor-operation time [second-minute]: 8-7
sensor working angle [°]: H160/V20
Maximum operating time [min]: 7
Minimum operating time[s]: 8
Maximum power [VA]: 1200
Illumination-level setpoint by which the sensor detects
movement [lx]: 3-2000
IP class: 44
Sensor range[m]: max 12

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