Programmable room termostat for infrared heating film

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TD-T 02/White
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Wired termostat built-in battery

Manual wired thermostat with LCD display for controlling electric floor heating or electric heaters. The thermostat has a built-in air temperature sensor and a wired NTC floor temperature sensor. Intuitive programming of the room temperature (5 + 2) or manual control. Used for underfloor heating, heating foils, heating panels, heating mats.

The thermostat is equipped with batteries which makes it possible to maintain all set control parameters in the event of a power outage.

The thermostat has a built-in air temperature sensor and an external floor temperature sensor attached. The thermostat can control both the room temperature and separately control the floor temperature.

When the thermostat is used in underfloor heating, the thermostat switches the heating system on to obtain the set temperature in the room while preventing the set floor temperature from being exceeded, thus protecting the floor from too high a temperature.

When the thermostat is used in heating electric heaters, only the built-in air temperature sensor is used.

White programmable room termostat with built-in battery and air and floor temperature sensorfor infrared heating film

Thermostat operating modes:

IN- Temperature control via internal sensor. 
The built-in air temperature sensor controls the room temperature, while the floor sensor is turned off. 
This mode is used in all types of electric heating except underfloor heating
OU- Temperature control via external sensor. 
The external NTC temperature sensor controls the floor temperature, while the room air sensor is switched off. 
This mode is used in underfloor heating to control only the floor temperature.
AL - built-in air temperature sensor controls the room temperature and the floor sensor limits the floor temperature. 
Mode used in electric floor heating.


Easy installation
Acrylic front panel
Large backlit display
Elegant chrome frame
Touch-sensitive panel
Temperature programming in cycles 5+2
The internal and external sensors allow you to control both the air temperature and the floor temperature.
Suitable for installation in a standard 60mm round box
Installation method: flush-mounted – in the installation box
Warranty: 18 months

Technical specification:

Hystersis: range from 0°C to 5°C
Floor temperature range:10-70℃
Room temperature range: 5-35℃
2 sensors: incorporated room temperature sensor + floor temperature sensor NTC
Level of protection: IP20
Maximal output. 16 A, 3600 W
Power supply: 95~240 VAC, 50~60Hz


Floor heating with HEAT DECOR heating film
Electric heaters
Heating cables
Heating mats
Electric appliances with a voltage of 230 V controlled by on/off switch
The kit contains:
Thermostat with incorporated room temperature sensor
Wire floor temperature sensor NTC
Montage screws
English instruction

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