SOREN - IP20 - GU10 - Blue Strip - Silver – Modern Recessed LED Downlight / Decorative Indoor Spotlight

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SOREN LED Downlight / Spotlight ceiling lighting point fitting with ceramic holder suitable for:

Houses, Pubs, Restaurants, Beauty Salon...etc

SOREN is recessed into an additional light source as an LED strip, the illumination cover glass, which gives a very interesting visual effect.

The luminaire is available in two versions: round and rectangular, with three LED strip colors: warm white, cold white and blue. The product is suitable for sources with GU10 base with maximum power of 20W and

is avaible in Our store 1.2W, 3.5W, 6W, 7W, 7.5W Dimmable.

New fixtures SOREN is a combination of elegant and original design. The combination of materials such as glass and metal give a sophisticated look to any room.

A wide range of models of luminaires allows to realize very original arrangements in any interior.

Pick up Your Gu10 bulb in Your favourite colour:

-Warm White 3K

-Natural White 4K

-Cold White 6.5K

SOREN are glass holders whose additional asset is the colourful, decorative LED strip lighting up the glass base of the holder.


Colour: silver
Necessity of using self-shielding lamps: yes
Place of assembly: Recessed mount in the ceiling
Place of application: Indoors
Minimum distance from the illuminated object: 0,5m
Replaceable light source: yes
Light source included: no
Height [mm]: 22
Diameter [mm]: 90
Assembly hole [mm]: Ø65-70
Integrated LED light source: yes


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50/60
Maximum power [W]: max 20
Rated power (LED) [W]: 3,6
Light source: PAR16
Diode type: LED SMD
Colour temperature: blue
Colour temperature [K]: 3000
Cap: GU10
Service life [h]: 20000
Number of on/off cycles: ≥15000
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be
exposed: 5÷25
The fixture is adapted to the light sources of the
following energy classes: A++,A+,A,B,C,D,E
Enclosure material: glass
Connection type: Bolt terminal block
Range of sections of wires used [mm²]: 0,75÷2,5
The fixture set includes built-in LED's with the following
energy classes: A++,A+,A
Lighting-fixture angle regulation: none
IP class: 20

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