STREET LED Light 60W- IP65 - 7800lm - 4000K - Natural White - Grey - Modern Street LED Light

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STREET LED light suitable for modern:

Entry Roads, Gardens, Patios...etc

Electric street lighting was invented as early as the 19th Century, but it was not until the emergence of more-efficient discharge sources, so electric lighting was able to flourish in urban areas, that it was possible to introduce it there. The first installation to use a low-pressure sodium-vapour lamp was along a road connecting two Dutch towns. It was in the 1930s. A great deal has changed since then, and there is constant development in the field of light sources, and therefore in luminaires for lighting public places. It is no surprise, therefore, that LED lighting has been introduced into this domain.

After your many requests, we introduce first lamps to our range used for lighting squares, public parks and car parks – STREET LED.

STREET luminaires are equipped with very-high-quality LED’s (NICHIA), which are mounted on replaceable modules. Their efficiency is 130 lumens/Watts (much more than competing luminaires), therefore the luminous fluxes are 3900, 7800 and 11700 Watts at 30, 60 and 90 Watts, respectively. All luminaires have a pleasant neutral light output, with a temperature of 4000K, and last for up to 35000 hours.


STREET LED’s have a high level of protection against dust and water ingress – IP 65. These luminaires are made of aluminium and polycarbonate, and their modern design blends in very well with the urban space.

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50/60 Hz - 230 V


60 W

IP Rating:

IP 65


4000 K


7800 lm (lumens)

Source of light:


Replaceable light source:


Working hours:

35000 h

Suitable for:

Indoor / Outdoor


Casing: Aluminium Alloy

Diffuser: Plastic



Warranty Period:

2 Years

Technical parameters

220-240V supply Rated frequency 50/60Hz light source led SMD Color temperature 4000K  (white) durability 3500 hours number of on/off cycles applicable outdoors or indoors Dust- proof and protection against water jets I protection class usage with dimmer not allowed conformity with European standards

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