ZEW -235 J - 2xGU10 - IP44 - Grey - Modern Outdoor LED Wall-Mounted Light Up & Down

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OUR New decorative garden models of facade light fixtures from the ZEW series

ZEW EL-235 is made of aluminium alloy, with a toughened glass cover.  The smooth surface of the enclosure prevents the deposition of dust. New fixtures are available with a square enclosure finish - ZEW EL-235J-B and GR - and a semicircular finish - ZEW EL-235U-B and GR. The "B" mark identifies the black enclosure, whereas "GR" identifies the grey enclosure.

JDR halogen light sources can be used in ZEW light fixtures, with a maximum power of 2x35W, although we strongly recommend LED light sources with a GU10 cap. The use of an LED light source will cause the enclosure to be more energy efficient.

The IP44 high degree of protectiveness enables the light fixtures to be mounted in areas directly exposed to weathering. 

ZEW light fixtures are ideal for lighting facades of various types of buildings, and because the light beam is targeted simultaneously upwards and downwards, they project beautiful, decorative lighting accents onto the facade. 




230 V


max 2x35 W

IP Rating:

IP 44

Light Source:


Suitable for:


Warranty Period:

2 Years


Casing: Aluminium Alloy / Protective glass: Hardened glass




Up & Down

Technical parameters

220-240V supply Rated frequency 50/60Hz wattage 2 x 35W light source: JDR halogen bulb GU10 base for mounting on vertical surface immovable fixture connector: terminal block minimal distance from illuminated object  0.5m protection against solid objects over 1mm and water drops applicable outdoors and indoors permissible surrounding temperature from -20 to max 35 C degreesI protection class 12 pcs per inner box conformity with European standards

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