LucasLED: LED Lighting Products for B2B

LucasLED is a professional manufacturer and a supplier of top quality lighting products. As a producer of LED strip lights we offer products that cater for the highest demands of our customers. We also act as the representatives of the most renowned brands in the lighting industry.

Our offer includes a wide range of LED products, such as:

  • Strip lights,
  • Panel lights,
  • Smart systems,
  • Tube lights,
  • Outdoor and flood lights,
  • Controllers,
  • Spotlights,
  • LED bulbs, and more.

Why Choose Us?

  • attractive discounts for loyal customers,
  • quick realisation of custom made products,
  • customisable products,
  • high inventory,
  • technical support,
  • assistance in arranging product implementation,
  • lighting system configuration,
  • fast and regular deliveries.

Business Partners

Industries and business sectors we cooperate with:

  • Electrical Contractors,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Architects,
  • Interior Designers,
  • Furniture Industry,
  • Wholesalers,
  • Shops,
  • Sole Traders,
  • Sign Companies, and more.
Special discount for business partners

More Information

Established in 2010 LucasLED is a nationwide supplier and manufacturer of LED lighting products. Over the years we have partnered with many brands in the industry and gained valuable experience thanks to which we can provide the best solutions to our partners.

If you run a wholesale or a small shop, if you are a designer, an architect or an engineer in the lighting industry, we would love to cooperate with you. We offer attractive discounts to all our loyal customers and partners as well as fast delivery of all custom products and full technical support and assistance. We believe that working with the right partners is the key to continuous growth and adds value to the business.

We manufacture top quality products and constantly strive for improvement and perfection so that we could ensure the best lighting solutions to all our customers and partners. Therefore all our products are not only attractive and durable, but also in tune with the latest trends in interior and exterior design in the lighting industry.

See our B2B offer and contact us via phone or email to get full details about the benefits of partnering with us. We would love to hear from you!