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LED lights from - who are we?

Lucas LED is an awarded company based in Co. Cork, which has been on the market for over a decade. We specialise in both domestic and commercial LED lighting retail and installations in Ireland. Our offer includes a wide range of products such as: LED bulbs, strip lights, profiles, LED wall lights, LED floor lamps, LED spotlights, LED pendant lights, controllers, sensors, accessories and many more, for both your home, garden and business area. Our highly skilled specialists have years of experience working on various projects, thanks to which they provide the best service and professional advice to all our customers.

High quality LED lighting products

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is rapidly growing and gaining popularity, mainly due to its great energy saving properties, that makes LEDs environmentally friendly, and the possibility of Smart Home solutions. Whether you are looking for a single LED bulb for your living room lamp or you need a whole set for a bigger project, Lucas LED shop has it all. We value your satisfaction, and we do our best to cater for the best service and the best products to fulfill your needs. All the LED light bulbs and other products available in our shop, are of the best quality. What's more, we can prepare various lengths of LEDs at no extra charge, and we give a 2-5 years guarantee on everything you buy.

Where can LED lights be installed?

Simply saying, there is no room where they can't be installed, as they work everywhere. LED lights can be used for the indoor area of your house, from the living room and bedroom, to the kitchen, bathroom and even staircase, hallways and garage. LED lighting is also suitable for the outside use - it works great in the garden, terrace, pathways, driveways and any other space on your property, making it easy to move around your home in the evening or early morning when it's still dark outside.

Full of advantages LED lights and light bulbs

Updating your lighting to the LED bulbs and LED lights is a smart move, because it offers you many benefits such as:

  • It's energy efficient - LED bulbs consume 90% less energy than standard light bulbs, so that's a great solution for energy saving.
  • Extended service life of LEDs up to 50,000 hours.
  • You get 100 percent brightness in seconds after switching LED lights on.
  • Most of LED lighting is dimmable which allows you to adjust the brightness to your current needs. If you don't need the full brightness and want a cosy atmosphere, you can dim the light with a simple dimmer.
  • Many of LED lighting products offer smart solutions, such as controlling lights remotely through a controller or an app on your phone. These smart LED lighting options are very convenient, fun and may increase the security of your house and property area.
  • Different colour temperatures of LEDs and variety of light colours allows you to create different illuminations and light effects.

Free delivery for orders above €90

Lucas LED offers next day free delivery within the Republic of Ireland for all orders above €90. This way you save even more on your LED lighting products.

Replace your standard light bulbs to a modern and energy saving LED lighting. Check our full offer and choose the LED product you've been looking for!

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