LED Strip Lights

Looking for source of light in the kitchen, room, wardrobe or bathroom? Desperately wanting something less conventional and more creative than a traditional lamp hanging from the ceiling? Hesitating whether LED strips would be a convenient solution in your home? Or, more specifically if you have already done some research, wondering which of the many available options would be suitable for a residential area? Not sure which colour to choose: warm white or maybe some cooler shade?

Countless questions indeed! Not that we mentioned those related to some unsettling technical aspects, such as lengths, batteries, possible applications, and so on...

The remedy is at hand! Visit our online shop, browse through a wide variety of our products and read the detailed descriptions provided. You can find out everything you need about LED strips, including the prices, product features and capabilities and delivery conditions. If you are a registered user, you can have an access to customer reviews and check an average rating the product you are interested in has scored. We are waiting for you, ready to help and dispel your doubts! 

What are LED light strips?

LED strip light (also known as LED tape, strip lights, or smart lighting) are flexible circuit boards with surface-mounted LEDs, that can be bent to fit even tight corners. Thanks to their self-adhesive backing, also referred to as peel-and-stick backings (solid sticky 3 m tape) - they are applicable almost everywhere you wish; you can easily install them on practically any surface, be it wood, metal or plastic. Being ultra-thin, they can be used in any tight spaces and stay low profile in any circumstances.

Features of LED strips

So, let us assume you are really into amazing effects and functionality and you are now intent on bringing them into your house, apartment or any other place. LED strips are worth giving them a go!

Highly adaptable

First of all, thanks to their sequential build, they are flexible and easily customizable. Not only can they adapt to fit any space or or be fixed around different objects, but they can also be divided at any point between LED diodes and still function properly. This considerably increases the level of versatility of this type of lights and creates a number of possibilities of using it. You can now step into a designer's shoes and let your imagination run a little wild. Alternatively, you can stick to more traditional solutions and still be dazzled by the wonderful effects LED strips can produce.

Select your colour

LED tapes are available in many different colours and options, both single and colour changing. Different illumination intensity options allow them to be used both for traditional lighting and any innovative DIY projects. They are great for illuminating stairs, cupboards, shelves, wardrobes, workspaces and many others; you can also use them for backlighting in order to create an exceptional glowing effect on the edges of your TV screen or other objects of your choice.

Light strips wherever you want

They work both indoors and outdoors, but you need to specify what location you have in mind to make sure the degree of protection is right — strips rated IP65 or IP68 can be even used in damp or wet locations, so you are free to use them outside. This might be a truly unique way to create a pleasant atmosphere in your garden, on balcony and terrace railings or in landings. LED strip can be used for various commercial purposes as well, for example, to illuminate letters in a neon sign.

How to control LED strips

Have you ever thought about how the intensity of light can affect you? Have you analysed your own needs? What if we told you that with our LED strips you can easily adjust the light so that it can suit your mood? Brighter and more vivid on a cheerful day, when you are bursting with energy and constantly looking for something intense. Or, quite the contrary, more subtle and delicate when you need some soothing or want to reflect on the course of your life. Now you are in control!

LED strips are compatible with most home automation and DMX systems and can be controlled via a smartphone app, and wall and remote dimmers. They are easy to use and as safe as any electrical lighting. Moreover, their power usage and heat output are very low, which enables them to be kept on for long periods of time.

The lights you want are the lights you need!

Regardless of how and where you plan to use your LED strip - whether it is supposed to be your kitchen, any type of room, garden, balcony, you name it - we can live up to your expectations. Instead of dwelling on whether it is a good idea to spend your hard-earned money on something you can do without, just check what we have in stock and let our high-quality, eye-catching products... enlighten you :) Add a LED light strip to your basket and take the illumination in your home to the next level. We offer very attractive prices, so you will not regret it!

Need some help? Have any question? Just contact us!

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