Heating film HD G • 140 W/lm • 1000mm WIDTH • Heat mat • 10y Warranty • (140w/m²) • Heat Decor • HD-310G

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Product description - HD310G heating film 140W/m² with connected wires – 1000mm


The Heat Decor heating film set is designed for electric floor and wall heating of rooms. Heating film sets have a basic assortment for the implementation of infrared heating installations. Heating film sets come in variants that differ in terms of the surface of the heating film and the amount of installation assortment matched to the film surface. Prepared sets of Heat Decor heating films enable quick and convenient selection of the necessary materials for the installation of floor and wall heating in the room.

The Heat Decor heating film model HD310G has a modern heating structure which guarantees even heat distribution and safe and trouble-free operation.

Construction of the Heat Decor heating film

  1. COPPER TAPE – acts as an electric current conductor. We connect the electric wires supplying the heating film to the copper tape with the help of connectors.

  2. SILVER PASTE – acts as an electric conductor between the copper tape and graphite and protects the heating film against sparking.

  3. PET AND LAMINEX FILMS – these are components that combine all elements of the heating film in the process of gluing, welding and laminating into one whole. PET and LAMINEX films perform the function of:

    - Protection against ingress of water vapor, gases and liquids.

    - Fire protection, high thermal resistance.

    -Protection against mechanical damage

  4. GRAPHITE PASTE – is the basic heating material of the film. It exists as a mixture of fine-grained particles, the main components of which are graphite and carbon. The proportion of graphite paste mixture is regulated by the heating power of the heating film.
  5. CUTTING SECTION OF THE HEATING FILM – this is the area of ​​the heating film where we can cut the heating film.
  1. Floor panels finishing.
    The top floor covering with a decorative and functional function that meets the relevant abrasion resistance standards. The heating system mainly uses laminated panels and wooden sandwich planks mounted in a floating form on the so-called lock.
  2. Vapor barrier foil.
    LDPE vapor barrier foil, 0.2 mm thick, protects the heating foil against mechanical damage resulting from the friction process during shrinkage and expansion of the floor panels. The vapor barrier foil also protects the heating system against random events such as flooding with water or other substances in liquid form.
  3. Heat Decor heating film.
    The Heat Decor infrared heating film is the main heat carrier in underfloor heating. The heating foil is connected to the electric wires with installation connectors and then connected to the room thermostat equipped with a built-in air temperature sensor and an external floor temperature sensor. The heating foil installed directly under the floor panels in dry rooms does not require grounding.
  4. Heat Decor insulating mat.
    The insulating mat serves as thermal insulation, because the heating foil emits heat in two directions. In addition, the insulating mat compensates for unevenness in the floor and acts as an acoustic insulation. The Heat Decor insulating mat also plays a very important role as a substrate for the heating foil, in which we hide the fasteners of the heating foil, such as installation connectors with self-vulcanizing tape. We also make cuts in the insulating mat, in which we lead the electric wires supplying the heating foil.
  5. Vapor barrier foil.
    0.2 mm thick vapor barrier foil protects the heating system and floor panels against the influence of moisture. The even vapor barrier surface protects the heating foil and floor panels against the possible process of moisture arising from the capillary beam as a result of improperly made insulation of the foundation, walls or screed, as well as the result of forest incidents such as flooding with water.
  6. Floor (concrete screed, OSB / MFP boards)
    The floor is a load-bearing structural element on which all layers of the heating system are laid. The floor can be a concrete base, a wooden structure or a structure made of OSB or MFP boards meeting the standards of bearing capacity and building structures.
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