Amplifier 4-Channel High Speed Amplifier Milight • 15A • 12V-24V •

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What is LED Strips Amplifier

This Amplifier model is designed for long sections of LED strips, works with all types to control LED strips. The amplifier operates with a voltage of 12V -24V DC, can power at 12V 180 watts and 24V 360 watts LED strips. Each channel 6A, but max. total  power 15A.
For each remote control or wall mounted controller with the use of amplifiers you can connect an unlimited number of LED strips.

Amplifier help you to extend your LED Strips lighting lenght or lenghts.You have to remember if every controller like LED Dimmer , RGB Controller have max output power , like max Load of STRIP power consuption. Let say ,eg Your controller have a 10A , if power is 12V so mean total is 120 watts (Watts*Voltage= A).  Your strips total lenghts is 15m with 9.6 watts per meter =144 watts in total. So You need Amplifier to supply your strips , otherwise controller be damage & stop working. This Amplifier can supply by 12V - 180 watts  , or by 24V - 360 watts.

Destination of Amlifier:

4 channel mean  , you can Connect all types of LED Strips like Single color , CCT , RGB , RGBW.

Remember each channel max power 6A , in total 15A . 


Symbol: PA4
ETIM CLASS: Controller for luminaires
Input voltage: 12/24V DC
Transmission Frequency: 2400MHz
Max. output current: 15A
Length: 119mm
Width: 47mm
Height: 23mm
Weight: 0.08kg

More Information
Wattage 180
Water Resistance IP20 Non Waterproof
Body colour White lacquered Ral 9016
Shape Rectangle
Light Built In No
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