C35 LED Candle Vintage bulb filament light - 2.5W - E14 - Super Warm - 1800K - 135lm - 320° - New Xled Decorative style

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Vintage LED candle bulb filament spiral light E14 screw with 2.5W in super warm white colour 1800K and Brightness 135 lumens.

Modern and decorative the amber glass is ideal for indoor like kitchen, living room, pub, bar, restaurant and outdoor like garden, sitting area...

Vintage decorative version of a CANDLE LED bulb that is striking itself. C35 Candle Led bulb in this exceptional version will help you create a very cosy atmosphere. All thanks to a very warm colour (1800K) of the light and an amber glass in which a spiral LED filament is enclosed. This huge ball of light will become a decoration of your house, cafe, restaurant and any other place in which you will install it. It is an exceptional combination of a decorative nature and a modern energy-efficient LED technology with brightness 135lm.

2.5W replaced 15W

 LED Candle, Vintage bulb filament spiral light - E14 - 2.5W - SUPER WARM Colour - 1800K - 135lm - Viewing angle 320° - New Xled - Decorative Version Bulb. 


Colour: amber
Lamp designed for decorative lighting: Not applicable
Compatible with a dimmer: no
Height [mm]: 123
Diameter [mm]: 35


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50
Lamp-power factor: 0.5
Rated power [W]: 2.5W
Lampshade material: glass
Light source: C35
Diode type: LED FILAMENT
Total rated luminous flux [lm]: 135
Colour temperature: super warm
Colour temperature [K]: 1800
Colour uniformity [SDCM]: ≤6
Colour-rendering index Ra: ≥80
Rated lamp-service life [h]: 15000
Number of on/off cycles: ≥15000
Rated beam angle [°]: 320
Rated light level [°]: 320
Light source EEI: A+
Lamp rated current [mA]: 19
Annual power consumption [kWh/1000h]: 3
Luminous efficiency of the lamp [lm/W]: 54
Ignition time [s]: ≤0,5
Lamp-heating time to 60% of the full luminous flux [s]: Negligible
Lamp-heating time to 95% [s]: <2
Lamp premature-failure indicator: <5% po 1000h
Lamp service life factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥90
Luminous flux retention factor at the end of rated service life [%]: ≥70
Luminous flux retention factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥80
Declaration of equality in power rating [W]: 15
Light source shape: candle

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