LED Corner Profile TRIO10 , Silver ,2 Meter Length

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LED Aluminium Corner Profile TRIO10  ,Silver , 2 meter Lenght

The 45 ° TRIO10 LED aluminum angle profile with small dimensions and unique design will be perfect for mounting in corners, e.g. furniture, walls, floors, showcases, etc. It is also possible to use inlet mounting using assembly glue, e.g. in furniture. Aluminum TRIO10 angle LED strip is also suitable for illuminating stair treads. Perfect as accent and decorative lighting.

Same like All Strips lights , we prepare varius lenghts with no extra charge.Just add Your sizes in comment or leave message to Us after order .[email protected]

LED Aluminium Corner Profile TRIO10

The LED aluminum profile is also an excellent heat sink, which the heat extracted from the LED source will be perfectly dissipated. This solution primarily creates better conditions for LED diodes, extending their life significantly. The LED aluminum strip is an excellent protection of the LED strip against mechanical damage and also makes the installation much more durable compared to direct sticking the strip to the ground. The use of LED profile significantly increases its aesthetics and also helps to maintain cleanliness for the entire installation.


Varius Lenghts:

Remember that each profile can be cut to the specified size, we perform this service at no extra cost, as well as our LED strips with additional wires. This service is very popular because it makes installation of the LED profile very easy, all you have to do is install the holders and connect the LED cables to the LED Driver.


The size of the profile and the simple form significantly expands the usability and design. LED TRIO10 profile can be mounted to furniture, kitchen cabinet, steps as an vertical or horizontial with screws, professional double-sided adhesive tapes or assembly adhesives. For full aesthetics, the LED strip profile should be finished with endcaps.


Assembly :

- Fixing Screws or clear adhesive fixing glue

- Double side adhesive tape

Specification LED Profile Corner TRIO10

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