Stainless Steel Mesh Width 100cm - Thickness 0.12mm

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Stainless steel mesh for damp room under spout and tiles in bathroom and kitchen

Stainless steel mesh is a very high quality steel material made by weaving. The mesh has a width of 100 cm and a thickness of 0.12 mm. The mesh has a mesh size of 1.2 x 1.2 mm. Stainless Decor Heat Decor mesh is used for floor heating with Heat Decor heating foil in the system under the screed, under ceramic tiles and under floor panels in wet rooms. The Heat Decor stainless steel mesh should be connected to earth after installation. The steel mesh is very thin and flexible, which makes it behave like a canvas material. Steel Heat Decor mesh can be cut with ordinary scissors. Protective gloves are recommended when cutting the mesh.

Stainless steel mesh 0,12mm for damp room under tiles, bathroom 

Application of stainless steel mesh:
Underfloor heating with Heat Decor heating foil under the spout

Underfloor heating with Heat Decor heating foil under tiles, damp room (bathroom, kitchen)

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