10 advantages of recessed LED lights

10 advantages of recessed LED lights

What is LED recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is definitely one of the most functional and practical types of lighting. As the name suggests, LED recessed lights are located in a hole, opening or space. To be more precise, they are installed inside the ceiling, wall or some other surface. There are three main components: trim, housing and bulb.

What are the advantages of LED recessed lighting?

Lighting the interior of your home with recessed lights is one of the best possible choices. There are many kinds of lights and choosing recessed LED lights will satisfy you for sure, especially when you search for safe, versatile and long lashing lighting. What are the other advantages of a recessed light?

1. LED recessed lights are energy-saving

The first advantage is that LED recessed lights help in overcoming the energy crises. It's a really environmentally-friendly and energy efficient solution. They make dark spaces brighter and, at the same time, they use much less electricity than, for example, incandescents!

2. ... they will also save your money!

A further advantage of this kind of lighting is that it will decrease your energy bill! At first you may think that traditional lighting is cheaper. Nothing could be more wrong. Try comparing the prices and you will see LEDs are undeniably much more affordable. It is the best option over the long haul because they don't burn out quickly and there is no need for you to buy new ones again and again.

In addition, you may hire an electrician in order to install lighting controls and dimmer switches. Thanks to that, you will save on electricity costs even more. Controls save electricity by turning the lights off when you don't use them. Dimmer switches decrease the amount of electricity which is being consumed.

3. Recessed lighting produce little heat

LED lights run much cooler than incandescent lights because they are more efficient. The truth is LED recessed lighting gets hot and produces heat but it doesn't get too hot to touch. LEDs convert most of the energy into light, which means that less heat is produced. They dissipate residual heat into the air, away from the bulb.

4. Recessed light is maintenance-free

Simply saying, this kind of lighting could be affixed and left! It provides maintenance-free illumination even in the most demanding environments. The need for maintenance may occasionally occur but in this situation, there is easy access to wiring and drivers.

5. Thanks to recessed lights, you gain more space

This type of lighting is installed in a way that it is flush with the room's ceiling, which in practice means that it won't be problematic for users to add some tall items. You can add some plants or certain pieces of decor. Whatever you decide will be the right decision. Recessed lights take up less interior space than other light features.

6. Recessed LEDs provide great coverage area

Recessed LED lights are placed throughout the ceiling. Thanks to that, is it much easier to light up every single corner of your space. It is a great idea to use this kind of lighting in living rooms, closets and kitchens.

7. These lights can make your room look bigger

If you want to make your room look bigger than it really is, you should bet on recessed lighting. Try installing it in a ceiling and it will create an illusion of a much taller ceiling. The trick will make the room appear visually larger. The fixture itself takes up little visual space.

8. This kind of lighting is also safe

LED recessed bulbs are 100% safe when your lighting fixture is IC-rated. In order to determine whether your light fixture is IC-rated, you have to remove the lightbulb and trim. Check the inner bulb fixture - if you need help, you can use a flashlight. If there are slits or holes, it means your lighting fixture is not IC-rated. When it comes to safety, it's worth mentioning that recessed lighting does not emit ultraviolet or infrared light which are dangerous.

9. Recessed lighting is versatile

Recessed light can be used in many ways. You may use them in order to highlight things in your room that you would like to accentuate. When it comes to accent lighting, you can draw attention to a sculpture, painting or architectural feature by installing a recessed light which spotlights the object.

10. LED lights have long lifetime

We cannot forget about recessed lights' long lifespan. They don't burn out like traditional lights. There is nothing like a standard definition of lifetime for recessed lights, but in the best case, they can last over eleven years!


Recessed lighting provides unbeatable quality and safety. These lights save energy as well as money. They produce little heat and thanks to them, you gain more space. Making your room look bigger is another advantage. Recessed lights are versatile like no other and they will last a long time. Check out a wide range of modern recessed LEDs available in our offer.

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