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LED TUBES - fluorescent - 24W, 2880lm, 1500mm suitable for :

Offices, Conference rooms, Schools, Factory, Garage, Hotel, Hospital...etc

T8 LED GLASS is a well-known and proven line of fluorescent lamps, utilising high-performance SMD LED’s. As lighting technology is developing at an alarmingly rapid rate, we are keeping up with it by combining innovations with proven solutions. We are currently launching the third generation of T8 LED GLASSv3 fluorescent lamps.

The high quality of workmanship and attention to the best quality of components constitute the constant features of T8 LED GLASSv3. Moreover, the new generation is further distinguished by the very-high luminous flux of 140 lumens per one Watt, and the angle of light emission of 250⁰.

The lampshade for T8 LED GLASSv3 is in glass, which, combined with plastic, guarantees uniform light distribution, and an absence of visible points of light. Diodes are fixed to its aluminium surface, which ensures the appropriate thermal conditions, and the applied regulated power supply guarantees the highest quality of emitted light.

Dear Customer

*We selling them 10pcs in the box for delivery
*If You would like to buy less than 10 is Collection only, beacuse they are to delicate for delivery by Gls

Colour: white
Lamp designed for decorative lighting: no
Compatible with a dimmer: no
Power supply of T8 LED fluorescent lamps: Unilateral
Height [mm]: 1510
Diameter [mm]: 28
Mercury content: no


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50/60Hz
Lamp-power factor: 0.9
Rated power [W]: 24W
Lampshade material: glass
Light source: T8 LED
Diode type: LED SMD
Total rated luminous flux [lm]: 2880
Colour temperature: natural white, cold white
Colour temperature [K]: 4000K, 6500K
Colour uniformity [SDCM]: ≤6
Colour-rendering index Ra: ≥80
Cap: G13
Rated lamp-service life [h]: 25000
Number of on/off cycles: ≥15000
Rated beam angle [°]: 200
Rated light level [°]: 200
Light source EEI: A++
Lamp rated current [mA]: 108
Annual power consumption [kWh/1000h]: 24
Luminous efficiency of the lamp [lm/W]: 120
Ignition time [s]: ≤0,5
Lamp-heating time to 60% of the full luminous flux [s]: Negligible
Lamp-heating time to 95% [s]: <2
Lamp premature-failure indicator: <5% po 1000h
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be exposed: -10÷40
Lamp service life factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥90
Luminous flux retention factor at the end of rated service life [%]: ≥70
Luminous flux retention factor after the period of 6000h [%]: ≥80
Light source shape: line

More Information
Colour Temp 4000K - Natural White
Watts 24
Voltage 220V - 240V
Dimmable NO
Lumens 2880
Full Fitting Yes
Body colour White
Shape Round / Cylinder
Diode type LED SMD
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