LED Recessed Profile , FLAT8 H/UX , Anodised , 2 meter

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LED Recessed Profile Flat 8

Specially designed for plasterboard & furniture section. Can be as decoritive linear lighting with 8mm LED Strips light. Fit into direct your cut out with 12.5mm depth. Mounted with spring X or with adhesive glue.              We cut profiles to any size (free of charge)

LED Recessed Profile Flat 8

Flat profile specially designed to fit into plasterboard , installation without interference in a frame construction.Depth12.5mm 

Varius Lenghts:

Remember that each profile can be cut to the specified size, we perform this service at no extra cost, as well as our LED strips with additional wires. This service is very popular because it makes installation of the LED profile very easy, all you have to do is install the holders and connect the LED cables to the LED Driver.


First of all, it has decorative lighting. Can be used directly for plasterboard, in MDF board, into kitchen kick panel or on walls application.
A milky diffuser gives us full illumination of the light line, please use led strip max. up to 8mm. Works best with led strip 120 leds / meter

Assembly :

- by spring "X"

- handle X and U

- Adhesive tape or glue

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