LED Recessed Profile SMART-IN16- plasterboard-furniture lighting-buildings and architectural arrangement- Silver- 2meter

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LED Recessed Profile SMART-IN16 , Silver ,2 Meter Length

The LED SMART-IN16 aluminum inlet profile is made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum, which thanks to its size is ideally suited for use in plasterboard, for furniture lighting, but also for use in all buildings and architectural arrangements. Perfect as accent and decorative lighting. The undoubted advantage of the SMART-IN16 aluminum slat is the fact that the area of the tray, which is outside the mounting surface, is very small, which is certainly of great aesthetic importance. By using a milk shade and a suitable LED strip as 120led / m in the SMART-IN16 profile, we get a continuous line of light

Max. wide LED Strip 16mm. or 2 x LED strips max.8mm each.

Same like All Strips lights ,we prepare varius lenghts with no extra charge.Just add Your sizes in comment or leave message to Us after order .[email protected]

LED Aluminium Recessed Profile SMART-IN16

One of the most popular recessed profiles for ceilings and walls. provides continuous light lines already at 120 led / meter with milky diffuser, characterized by up to 19mm depth from LED strip to diffuser. On block wall the faster way is using only clear fixing glue. For cutting a plasterboard Use a Multitool or padsaw and right level optional for large project laser level. Def help.

Remember , max wide for LED Strips Light is 16mm , so when u decide using 2 x light source check correct Your led strips wide. Eg. 2 x LED strips by 8mm be grand

Varius Lenghts:

Remember that each profile can be cut to the specified size, we perform this service at no extra cost, as well as our LED strips with additional wires. This service is very popular because it makes installation of the LED profile very easy, all you have to do is install the holders and connect the LED cables to the LED Driver.


.- Main used in plasterboard or furniture  , wall & ceiling receseed mounting as vertical & horizontial direction. Angled profile sides are designed for better light reflection.

- A milky diffuser gives us full illumination of the light line, please use led strip max. up to 8mm. Works best with led strip 120 leds / meter

Assembly :

- Clear adhesive fixing glue.

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