LED Aluminium Profile, VARIO30-04 ,Architectural , Plaster-In Recessed ,2 Meter Length

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LED Aluminium Profile,VARIO 30-04 ,Plaster-In Slim Recessed ,2 Meter Length

LED Profile specially designed for plaster in and 12.9mm depth. Up to 3 LED light source. Ideal for new built & renovation room. For full line light recommended using Milky Diffuser and LED Strips min 120 leds/meter. Assembly : - fixed in groove with fixing glue   - extrusion fastening wings covered with gypsum plaster.

LED Aluminium Profile,Plaster-In Slim Recessed 

Specially designed for plasterboard, 12.9mm deep allows you to install the profile without having to undercut the main wood support on ceiling. You only need multi tool or pads saw for installation. The profile can be installed on the ceiling as well as on the wall, it also looks interesting in the wall-ceiling connection.
The profile is also suitable for all existing surfaces from platerboard.

Even 3 light sources

In the Vario30-04 profile you can install even 3 sources of LED strips. Professional tapes from 3oz cooper path can be selected from Us LED Strips - Ultra high bright section.
This profile, in combination with our ULTRA High Bright LED strips, replaces completely traditional spot lighting or even commercial lighting.
For example, using our strongest PRO version strips we can get with 3 line 7500 lumens per meter, equivalent to 15 spotslights !!!. Often used with two light sources Warm White & Cold White controlled by CCT controller.


For full light illumination, we suggest using milky diffuser and LED Strips with min. 120 led per meter.

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