PIR Infrared Motion Sensor- 800W - IP20 - recessed-ceiling-switch-light - horizontal angle 360° - vertical angle 120° - MERGE ADJ White

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PIR Infrared Motion Sensor - 800W - IP20 - movement Detector, recessed switch light for suspended ceilings

MERGE ADJ-O is an innovative motion sensor that uses infrared radiation to detect motion and is intended for flush mounting. It has comfortable handles for easy and secure mounting in suspended ceilings. One of its convenient aspects is the easy access to the settings of the receiver’s turn-on time and light intensity sensitivity (without need for detaching sensor).  

  • - white

  • - material: plastic 

  • - maximum movement detection up to 5m 

  • - maximum horizontal angle of operation of the motion sensor - 360° 

  • - maximum vertical angle of operation of the motion sensor 120° 

  • - light on time adjustable from 10s to 15min 

  • - capability to set the light intensity of the environment in which the device works

Our new motion sensors can be used in public buildings, private homes, and wherever there is a need for an alarm system. 

PIR motion detector MERGE ADJ-O with maximum motion detection range of 5m. Its maximum horizontal angle of work comes to 360 degrees. In the  sensor, you can adjust settings of parameters without a necessity to disassemble the detector.


Colour: white
Place of assembly: Recessed mount in the ceiling
Place of application: Indoors
Micro-interval between relay contacts: yes
Possibility of installation on a normally flammable surface: yes
Height [mm]: 90
Diameter [mm]: 80


Rated voltage [V]: 220-240 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50/60
Class of protection against electric shock: II
Material: plastic
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be
exposed: 5÷25
Sensor type: PIR
Connection type: Terminal block
Range of sections of wires used [mm²]: 0,75÷1,5
Sensor-operation time [second-minute]: 10-15
sensor working angle [°]: H360/V120
Maximum operating time [min]: 15
Minimum operating time[s]: 10
Maximum power [VA]: 800
Illumination-level setpoint by which the sensor detects movement [lx]: 3-2000
IP class: 20
Sensor range[m]: max 5

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