Spray Glue Adhesive • Heating Films • Heat Decor • Ultra strong • Cover2-3m2 • High Temperature Resistance • 500 ml •

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Heat Decor Glue HD-G01 glue  500 ml



Heat Decor HD-G01 adhesive is characterized by high temperature resistance and extremely strong bonding.

It glues perfectly: Heat Decor heating foil, mirrors, insulation mats, vapor barrier films, boards (chipboard, MDF, HDF, melamine), upholstery materials, linings, rubber, cork, most metals and plastics (PVC, ABS, HIPS) etc.
WARNING! The adhesive is not suitable for soft PVC and PVC coated materials. In the case of varnishing glued components, the varnish must not come into contact with the weld.

Heating under the mirror:

Heat Decor heating foil installed in bathrooms directly under the mirror in order to evaporate the mirror. The heating system can also be used to heat a room continuously. The heating foil can be controlled by a light switch or a separate electric wall switch. For continuous heating of the room using a heating foil under the mirror, a thermostat with an air temperature sensor is required.

  1. Plasterboard wall
  2. Heat Decor glue
  3. Heat Decor heating foil
  4. Heat Decor glue
  5. Mirror

The average consumption of glue 500 ml = 0.55 m2

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