My led strip lights are flashing ? What should I do and how to fix it?

My LED strip is flashing? This is certainly one of the most common problems with LED strips. How should you check it?
This is usually the fault of the power supply for LED strips and most of it. But you can't rule out errors on the LED strip itself.
Start by disconnecting the LED strip from LED Driver. Then check if the power supply has the ON indicator (usually green), if there is no ON indicator (especially in the Waterproof version). If the Tape indicator lights up after disconnection, then look for errors on the LED Tape. If after disconnecting the LED strip, the indicator is still flashing, you definitely need a new LED power supply.
Of course, if you have an electric meter, check the Output DC voltage on the power supply. Of course, disconnect the LED strip before.

Main Reasons & Solution:

Usually, nothing happens without a reason. Before buying a new power supply, make sure:
1. Calculate the power consumption of the LED strip and check if your LED power supply is strong enough to safely power all LED strips connected to the transformer. In many cases, the LED Driver is selected incorrectly for power consumption, which causes damage to its components.
2. Check the cables from the power supply to the LED strip
3. Check the LED strip itself for any water ingress or other factors that have caused damage to your strip.

I hope these tips will help you solve your problem with the flashing LED strip.




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